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CNC cutting composite aluminum sheet

CNC Routing of Aluminium Composite Sheets Use CNC cutting technology composite in installing Aluminum composite facade Performing initial editing, determining the starting point, determining the direction of cutting and grooveing, free directional movements during cutting, possibility of sudden change of speed during cutting operation, automation of cutting method Defining cutting...

Aluminium Composite Panel Installation

The installation of aluminum composite panels must be carried out by trained installers, because its unprincipled installation will cause many problems.

13 tips of aluminum composite facade

Aluminum composite facade tips that you should pay attention to to better implement composite aluminum sheet on building facade

New Look Construction

A new look at the way construction is used in today's world and about modern facades and according to the capabilities of composite sheets

Composite facade and energy saving of the building

Composite facade and energy saving of the building plays an important role in saving energy due to the acoustic properties of the composite facade.

Shining High Gloss Aluminum Composite Panel

Shining High Gloss (SP) Premium Bond Composite Sheet are very similar to Nigel High glass Premium Bond sheets, except that they do not have nano properties.

Technical Specification for Aluminium Composite Panel

The technical specifications of premium bond aluminum composite sheet include high color variety, fire resistance, PVDF paint coating.

Building facades

The Building facades is like a gift box, expressing the interior architecture and interior decoration of the building Which is very important .

Aluminum composite facade

In recent years, Aluminum composite facade have become a growing choice for building facades due to their many important advantages.

Reconstruction of the facade of the building

It can be said with certainty that the best material for Reconstruction of the facade of the building is aluminum composite sheet