SPECIAL Aluminum composite panel

SPECIAL Aluminum composite panel

SPECIAL Aluminum composite panel Premium bond ACPs provide all the advantages of well known Premium bond. They are light weight, easy to fabricate and have great strength -to-weight ratio. Architects and
designers also value the unique, striking look of SPECIAL finishes.

Stone and timber finishes are integrated by the underlying aluminum for total bonding and unmatched adhesion, producing superior surface hardness and abrasion resistance.

SPECIAL premium bond is designed for interior or exterior use and can be installed in any typical ACP system.

Premium bond stone finishes unify the natural beauty of various kinds of stones and the

outstanding features of Premium bond ACPs to enhance the design of your architectural

project. This includes many different Granit & Marble stone designs in wide dimension which could be a suitable superseded materials for traditional stones and timbers facades.

By working hand in hand with Beckers ,Premium bond develops the chameleon colors ACP
which is such an incredible material .depending on the pigment type and viewing angle ,also
wavelengths of light that are reflected back to our eyes ,chameleon colors will look different if
you see from different angles. Premium bond SPECIAL offers collection of various Stone and
timber series , innovative colored mirrors , eyeful colored brushes and stainless steel.


exterior wall paneling with 15 years guarantee, interior wall paneling with 20

years guarantee, reconstructing old facades ,window surrounds ,soffits & beams ,door panels & frames, circular columns ,exhibition & display stands, metal ceiling & partitions, kitchen ,furniture and so on.

Panel thickness3 MM, 4 MM, 5 MM,6 MM
SKIN0.21 MM ~ 0.5 MM
CoatingP.V.D.F-KYNAR 500/Resin fluorocarbon.
Dimensionwidth: min: 1000 MM, Max: 1570 MM

Length: min: 1000 MM, Max: 6000 MM

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