The main objectives of building facades

The façade is an important, complex, and costly part of a building, performing multiple objectives of value to the occupants, like protecting from wind, rain, sunlight, heat, cold, and sound

Wooden aluminium composite panel

Aluminum sheet composite wood premium bond design is a good alternative to thermo wood with a more reasonable price and durability than natural wood.

Advantages of composite aluminum sheet

The advantages of composite aluminum sheet can be a variety of colors, long life, light weight, fire resistance, high performance speed, high formability

Aluminum composite panels

Aluminum composite panels material Making composite aluminum panels, which today has a special place due to the variety of colors, lightness, weather resistance and good formability, has caused many domestic panel makers to use composite aluminum sheet as the main body of the panel. Advantages of composite panel: A) A light, durable...

how to install aluminum composite panel

Steel composite aluminum sheet installation steps are first removed from the main façade and assembled and installed according to the composite measurement.

Composite view of gas station

The use of composite sheets in the Composite view of gas station stand is the best option for the facade of the fuel stand due to its fire resistance.

Types of sealing composite aluminum facades

Types of sealing composite aluminum facades include silicone foam and adhesive, sealant rubber, belts or studs for composite facade sealing.