Nano/Shining/High gloss Aluminum composite panel

Nano/Shining/High gloss Aluminum composite panel

By combining the new technology with traditional production technology of NANO ACPs,

American Composite Technologies Inc, develops the innovative NANO coating Aluminum

Composite Panel. This new generation of ACPs has this capability to combine P.V.D.F coating with NANO micro structure which due to self cleaning and non-wet ability functions along with an exceptional feature of dazzling Shining High Gloss.

NANO ACP itself has the self cleaning function so dirt can not attach onto it easily. Therefore cleaning job is very easy ,operator can use nature water to wash the panel face ,dust will disappear ,no any scratching marks ,A new bright cladding face will appear again.

It will give the building a consistently new look and can lower your maintenance costs a lot. The strong NANO P.V.D.F layer is coated on front aluminum coil. Because of its prominent feature, the panel becomes more and more commendable in market.

Due to the extra layer of NANO/Lumiflon , the gloss rate of NANO ACP is higher than

ordinary other P.V.D.F/NANO ACPs . So, with their bright sparkling and metallic effects, the special effect colors provide a particular eye-catching impression.

Making a striking design statement with your building. Give it shine and luster with a modern
engineered facade of this Premiumbond U.S.A innovative ACPs. The metallic sheen created
with shining range plays with the light to create unexpected colors and effects.


exterior wall paneling with 15 years guarantee , interior wall paneling with 20
years guarantee ,reconstructing old facades ,window surrounds ,soffits & beams ,door
panels & frames, circular columns ,exhibition & display stands, metal ceiling & partitions &…


Panel thickness3 MM, 4 MM, 5 MM,6 MM
SKIN: 0.21 MM~ 0.5 MM
Dimension: width: min: 1000 MM, Max: 1570 MM

Length: min: 1000 MM, Max: 6000 MM

CoatingPremium shining metallic high quality, P.V.D.F-

LUMIFLOAN -FLOUROCARBON Micro structure coatings


Nano/Shining/High gloss Aluminum composite panel
Nano/Shining/High gloss Aluminum composite panel

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