Premium Bond Factory Aluminium Composite Sheet

Premium Bond Factory in Shiraz Special Economic Zone is the largest producer of aluminum composite sheets in the Middle East.

Why Premium Bond Composite Aluminum Sheet?

PremiumBond Factory is the largest Composite Aluminum production plant in the Middle East which is the only manufacturer of fireproof sheet.

Definition of Composite Aluminum Sheets

Full definition of composite aluminum sheets is a composite of 2 layers of aluminum and a middle layer of polyethylene plastic bonded together .

Polyethylene Core Aluminum Composite Panel

The three factors of Polyethylene composite sheet premium bond include: density, melt flow index, and molecular weight distribution.

The importance of facade sealing

Sealing the facade of the building varies according to climate. And in terms of penetration, hot and cold air as well as water will enter the building

D-PE or PVDF composite sheet ?

Regarding the D-PE or PVDF composite sheet ?, which is better, the D-PE sheet is for interior facade and PVDF sheet is for exterior facade.

Warning !!! Resistant Fire Rated Aluminum Composite

Dear consumer, warning !!! Some profiteers misuse the ignorance of their customers and employers and give high and incorrect prices.

Necessary tips when buy composite sheet

Necessary tips when buying composite sheets should be color of the sheet with PVDF feature and also have a valid warranty.

Stages of making composite aluminum sheets

The process Stages of making composite aluminum sheets panel, which include: preparation, coating, composite, finalization.

Application of aluminum composite sheet Interior

Application of aluminum composite sheet Interior is the use of these sheets inside the building, between the kitchen cabinets.